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Mosquito-derived 16S rRNA seq data analysis using QIIME2

(MSc/PhD level) online summer course on the analysis of mosquito-derived 16S rRNA seq data using QIIME2.
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Mosquito biology

(MSc level) class lecture and hands-on lab course. Malaria Prevention, Control and Treatment Course (GH574). Rollins School of Public Health Global Health Program. Emory University, Atlanta, USA.
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Insect sampling and curation

(MSc level) class lecture and hands-on field and laboratory course focusing on major insect families in western Kenya.
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Insecticide resistance

(MSc/PhD level) class lecture and hands-on lab course for US public health scientists on the history, evolution, mechanisms, effects, management and detection of insecticide resistance in mosquito vector populations.
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Mosquito sampling

Hands-on field training for public health (vector-borne disease control) scientists in Thailand and Laos.
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Water sampling

Field and laboratory training for Thai public health scientists, on the collection and testing of water samples for fecal contamination.
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Soil transmitted helminths

(BSc level) Lecture and laboratory course on the characteristics and identification of heliminth eggs in stool samples.
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