Insecticide resistance

Illustration by Nsa Dada

Insecticide resistance in mosquito populations. Entomology Branch, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Georgia Department of Public Health, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Class lecture and hands-on lab (MSc/PhD level).

With a focus on training Georgia state public health scientists, I developed a curriculum focusing on insecticide resistance in mosquito vector populations. The course covered the history, evolution, mechanisms, effects, detection and managment of insecticide resistance in mosquito vector populations.

I led the laboratory session on screening for insecticide resistance in mosquito larvae.

Feel free to click on the pdf button at the top of the page to obtain the linked larval bioassay protocol.
Nsa Dada, PhD
Nsa Dada, PhD
Founder and Lead
Mosquito Microbiome Consortium

Entomologist and microbial ecologist fascinated with microbial interactions that underpin insect evolutionary responses to changes in their habitats.