Bacterial composition differs between permethrin-susceptible and -resistant Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto in a site with intense pyrethroid resistance in western Kenya

This study showed significant difference in the microbiota of Anopheles gambiae s. l. with differing insecticide resistant profiles

G-AVENIR: genomics for the future of malaria vector control

G-AVENIR is developing local infrastructural and computational capacity for bioinformatics data management, storage and analysis. In addition, it will create a translational pathway for vector control decision making within local NMCPs by interpreting and utilising the results from this project to inform IRM strategies in Benin and Kenya, and in the process develop a curriculum for other countries to use to integrate genomics into their vector control programs.

Environmentally-acquired bacteria are shed within one generation of mosquito colonization

This study showed that while environmentally acquired microbiota persist in immature first progeny of field-collected mosquitoes following laboratory colonization, they are shed by the adult stage

Novel Microbial Candidate Markers of Pyrethroid Resistance in Anopheles albimanus, a Major Latin American Malaria Vector

This study showed an effect of insecticide exposure and resistance on the mosquito microbiota, and identified microbes that were enriched in resistant mosquitoes as potential markers of insecticide resistance

Anopheles albimanus microbiota and links to insecticide resistance: A shotgun metagenomic sequencing approach

First attempt at characterizing the mosquito metagenome in relation to insecticide resistance

Functional diversity of Anopheles albimanus microbiota provides new insights into insecticide resistance mechanisms

Pioneering work on the links between the mosquito microbiota and insecticide resistance, using wild-caught *Anopheles albimanus* from Tumbes, Peru

Dengue and diarrheal disease risk factors in rural and suburban villages in Thailand and Laos

Diarrheal diseases and dengue fever are major global health problems. Household drinking water (DW) storage can be a determinant for both diseases if water is fecally contaminated and the storage containers provide breeding sites for dengue …