G-AVENIR: genomics for the future of malaria vector control


The acronym for this project is G-AVENIR (Genomics of African Vectors for NMCP Management of Insecticide Resistance) The most effective methods of malaria control are long-lasting insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying whose efficacy is threatened by Insecticide resistance (IR). Detection of IR relies entirely on phenotypic assays, requiring large numbers of mosquitoes, skilled staff and insectary and are subject to high levels of variation. The project recognizes that genomic data on insecticide resistance is growing, but is mostly led outside of Africa due to lack of computing infrastructure and within African research institutions. G-AVENIR will develop local infrastructural and computational capacity for bioinformatics data management, storage and analysis. In addition, it will create a translational pathway for vector control decision making within local NMCPs by interpreting and utilising the results from this project to inform IRM strategies in Benin and Kenya, and in the process develop a curriculum for other countries to use to integrate genomics into their vector control programs.

Gates Open Research
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