Western Kenyan Anopheles gambiae showing intense permethrin resistance harbour distinct microbiota

**Background** Insecticide resistance poses a growing challenge to malaria vector control in Kenya and around the world. Following evidence of associations between the mosquito microbiota and insecticide resistance, the microbiota of Anopheles …

Mosquito Microbiome Consortium

A collaborative initiative aimed at streamlining methods in and advancing mosquito microbiome research, particularly from laboratory to field applications. **Open to view consortium website**

Mosquito-derived 16S rRNA seq data analysis using QIIME2

(MSc/PhD level) online summer course on the analysis of mosquito-derived 16S rRNA seq data using QIIME2. **Open for more details**

Links between microbes and insecticide resistance in mosquito populations

Ongoing research on the links between microbes (both environmental and host-associated) and insecticide resistance in mosquito populations, and its effects on pathogen transmission. **Open for more details**

Effects of microbes on Aedes aegypti infestation in domestic water containers

As part of a larger project aimed at understanding the links between dengue and diarrheal diseases, and how control measures for both could be integrated, I developed and led work on the relationships between dengue vector infestation and fecal contamination in household water storage containers. **Open for more details**