Mosquito Microbiome Consortium

A collaborative initiative aimed at streamlining methods in and advancing mosquito microbiome research, particularly from laboratory to field applications. **Open to view consortium website**


Genomics for the future of malaria vector control (G-AVENIR) is a collaborative initiatiave aimed at developing local infrastructural and computational capacity for malaria vector genomics research, as well as creating translational pathways for vector control decision making within local NMCPs in Benin and Kenya. **Open for more details.**

Links between microbes and insecticide resistance in mosquito populations

Ongoing research on the links between microbes (both environmental and host-associated) and insecticide resistance in mosquito populations, and its effects on pathogen transmission. **Open for more details**

Engage: Global Health. ASTMH 67th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA

ASTMH’s inaugural public health outreach event comprising fifteen stations showcasing different elements of the work we do as scientists and healthcare professionals in the field of tropical medicine. **Open for more details**

Effects of microbes on Aedes aegypti infestation in domestic water containers

As part of a larger project aimed at understanding the links between dengue and diarrheal diseases, and how control measures for both could be integrated, I developed and led work on the relationships between dengue vector infestation and fecal contamination in household water storage containers. **Open for more details**

Prevalence and intensity of STH infections in Sierra Leonean school children

Study on the prevalence and intensity of soil transmitted helminth (STH) infections among school-aged children in Sierra Leone to determine the effects of a country-wide mass deworming program. **Open for more details**

Spatio-temporal distribution of NTD vectors in Rhoko forest

Cross sectional surveys to determine the prevalence and distribution of daytime-biting _Diptera_ during the wet and dry seasons of 2006 across Rhoko forest, Iko Esai, Akamkpa, CRS, Nigeria. **Open for more details**